Week 2 in the Fall League

Hey everyone this is Joe Dickerson blogging again about the second week of the Fall League.  So far the Rafters have had a pretty wild start to the season.  We currently have 3-5 record but we have competed very well in each game.  I personally am quickly learning how many good players there really are participating in this league.  What I have enjoyed the most so far about this league is that every time I step on the field I know I will get stretched to play to my best potential.

Well I guess that is pretty much all that has gone on this week, hopefully I’ll have much more to talk about in this upcoming blog.  Thanks for reading the blogs I write and I hope to hear more from everyone. 

Talk to you later,

Joe Dickerson


  1. pheagle7@comcast.net

    Hey Joe,
    Nice to see you back in action after your thumb injury. Hope all is well and we will be keeping an eye on you and the rest of the other Bluerocks in the winter league’s. Will keep in touch thru-out the schedule.

  2. toms1174@comcast.net

    Joe great to read your back and playing.
    We missed you down the streched in wilmington.
    It was nice to get your all-star jersey down in myrtle beach.
    Had a great time meeting you on the field .
    Will always remember that.
    Good Luck in Arizona and next season.

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