Chris Hayes — Guest Blogger

Hello from the Arizona Fall League.  My name is
Chris Hayes and I’m a relief pitcher with the Kansas City Royals. 
I’m a fan favorite. I know you all have been waiting weeks on end
for to ask me to be a guest blogger on this site, so on their
behalf, I would like to apologize for the delay.  My blog will
be the best baseball blog ever…

…Because I will be interviewing Matt Wieters. 
He is my teammate on the Surprise Rafters and is excessively good at
baseball.  And let’s be honest, who’s heard of Chris Hayes? I
would ask for a show of hands but I don’t have a cricket sound maker
or any tumbleweed, so we’ll assume you are all looking up the
Surprise Rafters blogs to hear about Wieters anyways. If you haven’t
heard of Matt and you are reading this, you must be a relative of
mine, because anyone who invests the time to scour the depths of the
Internet to find this blog is obviously one of my relatives or a
baseball super-fan and any super-fan knows Matt Wieters.  For my
relatives’ sake, I’ll introduce Matt before we get going with
this interview.

Rafters Mound Visit.jpg

Matt Wieters (left) walking back to home plate after a mound visit with Chris Hayes.  Matt stands 6’5″ and scouts say has a big league body.  Chris is a pitcher.

Chris Hayes: “Matt sorry for the delay here, thanks
for being with us, I’ll begin the questions shortly.  Feel
free in the meantime to sign some autographs.”

Matt was the Orioles 1st
pick in the 2007 First Year Player Draft.  He struggled horribly
this year only hitting .345 in Hi-A Frederick with 15 HRs and 40 RBI
in just under 9 games.  Due to his struggles at the plate and
lack of speed output (only 1 for 2 in Stolen Bases at Frederick), the
Orioles sent him to AA Bowie to try to keep him out of the eyes of
scouts.  Again, he struggled.  In 61 games in Bowie, Matt
only had 1 stolen base, but did limit his caught stealing totals to
0.  He did not reach base safely almost 50% of the time while in
Bowie and in his first season as a professional, we can all assume
the Orioles were looking for more out of him.  They sent him
here to the Arizona Fall League to try to jump-start his confidence
by surrounding him with talented players like myself whose upsides
cannot be described without using the phrases “sky high”,
“unlimited”, and “existent”.  The Orioles have made an
effort to boost his self esteem by having hundreds of autograph
seekers come to Arizona and treat Matt like the Beatles and swat guys
like me away like a fly. Without further ado, please give your
attention and your support to our catcher, Matt Wieters, as outlined
above, he could really use both.

CH: “Matt, thanks for being with us today, thanks for
taking time away from excelling at everything you do to be with me

Matt Wieters: “No problem, Chris.  I think I’m
even contractually obligated to be here.”

CH: “Well it means a lot.  The Fall League
suggested I finally do something to ‘make myself useful’ and ‘add
value to the league’ so I’m hoping this blog goes over really
well.  Getting this interview is a big step for me in that

MW: “Glad to help.”

CH: “Alright, phew, deep breath. It’s going awesome
so far.  Let’s get started… Can you sign this ball for me?”

MW: “Seriously?”

CH: “Maybe later, then.  Did you know that you
are, like, my favorite player?  What’s that like?”

MW: “Well, I’m flattered, Chris, but maybe we could
stick to the questions you want to ask for the interview.”

CH: “I’ll be honest, I really didn’t have a whole
lot planned, I’m kinda new to this and just wanted an excuse to get
to chat with you.  I figure that way I can tell my grandkids
someday I interviewed Matt Wieters.”

MW: “”

CH: “Also, during some games when you are catching
and I am pitching and there’s a base runner on second base and we
need to agree on which finger signs you are going to give, I get to
chat with you, but otherwise I haven’t gotten to hang out that

MW: “That’s true is that why you’ve let so many guys
get to second base?”

CH: “I think that was a run-on sentence, Matt. 
Just a tip.  Speaking of grammar, did you know that you are
famous enough that ‘Wieters’ does not get underlined in red as a
misspelling on most word processors.  Hayes doesn’t either,
but I think that has less to do with my fame than yours.  Your

MW: “There was that one president Hayes, right?”

CH: “Great point.  Let’s go with it. In 1931,
Babe Ruth was asked why he wanted a higher salary than president
Herbert Hoover and his response was, ‘I had a better year than he
did.’  Would you say you had a better year this year than Babe

MW: “The Babe is such an icon.  He really
revolutionized the game and made baseball what it is today.”

CH: “Yeah, and unfortunately today he is dead. 
Despite your struggles, I think your 2008 campaign might have the
slight edge over the Sultan of Swat’s 2008.”

MW: “This year I did attend big league spring
training for my first spring as a professional, was named the top
prospect in the Carolina league and made the All star team, made it
all the way to Double-A in my first full professional season, got
named to Baseball America’s Minor League Baseball All Star team,
and capped it off by winning Baseball America’s Minor League player
of the year award.  I think that’s a pretty decent year.”

CH: “Gulp.”

MW: “I’m sure you had a great year, though, too,
right? I mean we’re both here in the AFL.”

CH: “I did
stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.”

MW: “And…”

CH: “And… And….
I have a blog! Well, a guest blog, I’m not even a regular.
still, literally 7 to 6 people are waiting to read it because I am so

MW: “”

CH: “I’m hoping Google Searches for your name direct
people here. You know, get some more hits that way. I really need
this thing to be a hit. I promised the AFL the best blog ever. How
do you think it’s gonna be?”

MW: “Pretty decent. May be the best of the year.”

CH: “Really?! That’s awesome! So glad you think

MW: “Well yeah, everything else I’ve been involved in
this year has ranked me #1.”

Note: This blog
does not reflect the views, beliefs, or thoughts of Matt Wieters, the
Orioles, the Royals, or really even Chris Hayes for that matter.
Matt is not only the best baseball player ever, he’s a pretty darn
humble guy. Hope you all enjoyed the blog, I know I did. I figure
it’s more entertaining than hearing some guy you’ve never heard of
ramble about how gorgeous Phoenix is in the fall and how the AIG
retreats are really a blast this time of year. Hope wherever you
are, you are having as much fun as we are playing ball.



    Chris, you did not disappoint when you said this would be the best baseball blog. I shall now wait patiently until you allowed to post another one.

    I do advise that you stop allowing runners to get onto second base though, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe Matt would hang out with you more if kept to striking out the batters. Just my opinion though ~ seems to be that the pitchers who do that get people wanting their autographs.

    And in all honesty, I have truly enjoyed your blog. (which in case you didn’t know the word ‘blog’ gets that stupid little red squiggly line too.)

    By the way – can you get Matt to send me an autograph?

  2. briankc

    Wow.And I thought baseball players were serious guys.I hope you make it to the Hilton someday.But you would have to get promoted 2 times for that to happen.Lets hope your skills in baseball make it happen.Cause I don’t think your writing skills will get you there.Just kidding.No not really.I do hope you the best and hope you make it to KC someday as you would fit right in with David and the rest of them.Nice guys but not the greatest at baseball::))Not yet at least.We are hoping for 500 ball this year and maybe competing next year.Kiss Dayton Moores you know what to get up here.He’s the man…

  3. mlbmark

    Chris, great post. Make sure you keep an MLBlog going your whole career, even if it’s just for a few more days. Ha! j/k Seriously we want you to keep blogging after the AFL is over. Either just create one here like any fan would or have your people call my people…lol. Thanks for the post!


    PS especially like the photo. You are seriously taller than the mound.

  4. gotmilb

    Maybe the funniest blog entry I have ever read.

    PLEASE blog for us next year (and the rest of this year …)

    By the way, I was at the game today and it’s REALLY fun to watch you pitch.

    I think I have officially used up my quota of capitalized words now.

  5. bigtime39

    You need to get traded to the Orioles…like now. With Kevin Millar gone, they need a guy with your skills to blog during the season. Who knows, maybe Matt will come out and speak to you on the mound at Camden Yards, too!
    Great stuff, and best of luck.

  6. alex0666

    That was awesome, thanks for a great read. I’m an Orioles fan and follow Brandon Snyder’s blog, but some of us are geeks enough to search the internet for everything and anything baseball related. Thanks again for a funny post.


    Chris, great entry! I am a Royals fan, follow the minors and even went down to watch the AFL for a week, but I hadn’t heard of you ’til today. I will now make it a point to find you in the spring and say “hi.” As for Matt, sounds like baseball has taken a toll on him. Struggling like that, who knows where he’ll be next year? I think I can spare a little change if worse comes to worse.
    Anyways, good luck with everything and hope to see you on the big field in the spring!



    I can’t wait for orioles to get rid of all the mediocre,

    at best, catchers and put a potential annual all star

    behind the plate. Get rid of all starting pitchers and

    start over again. I’ve been saying for years that the

    only way this is going to happen is spend lots of

    money and get best. This wo’nt happen until the

    Orioles get rid of present owner and that’s not going

    to happen: he pays your salary. Angelos is not a fan of

    baseball; he’s making million owning a lousy team.

    Please respond!!!!! (I know you can’t because he

    pays your salary. Too bad he does’nt own the Yankees

    New York would have run him out of town long long

    time ago.


    Terrence Hannam(over 50 years Orioles fan)

  9. bbal05dr

    Absolutely priceless! Great to see you going so strong and still so well rounded! Happy knuckle scraping…..
    Skee’s biggest fan!

  10. raysrenegade

    I really like the way you write. It is sometimes funny how athletes can bring out the questions and the situations that most people who have not been in a clubhouse, or a professional oraganization can even imagine.

    I think you should consider doing one of the blog during your 2009 season whatever level you are playing at the time. I have a good feeling people are going to be following your career now becuase of this blog…………and that is a good thing.

    Keep up the great work and just write what you want to see and read and you will go far in the baseball blogging ranks. Keep safe until reporting date and hope to read more here soon.

    Rays Renegade


    Chris, I am a little concerned that you went the length of impersonating folks to comment on your own blog…that’s very cheesy for someone with your potential….Either that, or you have the biggest family of anyone I know. Have a great fall season, and good luck in keeping Weiters above the Pujols line.


    You need to be traded to The White Sox we need RHP. Chris nice tuch by picth over hand a cuple of times. your my fav. player in baseball.
    P.S. your #1 fan


    I wish Chris Hayes were more famous. Maybe if he threw a gyro pitch he would be. Or maybe if he ate more gyros and looked like Sabathia… Nice blog, Chris. Note: I googled Chris’ name because I’m a fan.


    Saw Chris for the first time at the home opening game in Arvest Ballpark in Springdale, AR, last month. My friend’s daughter was with me, and I kept yelling, “He’s a side-winder, Raechel! Watch him! He’s a side-winder!” I love watching him pitch; it’s fun. So, now I’m a Chris Hayes fan and will be following his career. I love minor league baseball! Woo-Hoo!

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