First Week of Fall League

Hey, everybody. This is Joe Dickerson here in Arizona representing the Kansas City Royals in the Arizona Fall League. The team I am playing for is the Surprise Rafters. Since this is my first blog I have done, I am going to let everyone know a little bit about myself. I have grown up all my life in Orange County, Calif. I attended high school at Esperanza, where I played football and baseball my freshman year, and then narrowed it down to just baseball after my freshman year. My baseball team never did make it to the CIF championship but we always made it to the playoffs. During the beginning of my senior year I signed a scholarship to go to the University of Texas. As thrilled as I was about going to play baseball at Texa,  I always had my eyes set on playing professional baseball and I got that chance when the Royals drafted me.  It was a tough decision for me but I am very happy with the one that I have made.

Well, we started the fall league up about a week and half ago.  he practices were pretty low key but we definitely got our work in. We started games this week, so far we are 0-2 but we have competed well in both games. The goals that I have for myself in this league are to compete and play as well as I can at both the plate and in the field.  The competition has definitely been very good, and I have not played in a couple of months because of a broken finger which means I have to get back into the swing of things quick. It should be a good time out here in Arizona competing against all these great players.

Take care,



  1. districtboy

    Hey Joe, keep writing. I love your blog. Good luck on rebounding from your injury. It must be a challenging task to try to recover while facing the top prospects in baseball. Well, welcome to Mlbogs, and try to withstand the small crowds in Arizona.



    Thanks for the Blog Joe. I’m looking forward to my trip out there. I’m headed to Phoenix in early November for a few days to catch some games and watch some of the Royals Prospects.



    Thank you Joe for the blog. Wish you the best of luck. I live here in AZ. I get to see many games. Not only are you a good ball player but you are also a good guy. I appreciate you being friendly to the fans.


    Joe, I like your style. You seem positive & focused. I look forward to reading more about you as you head for success in MLB. Tell us more about your background.

  5. lifeisgood

    Hey Joe and Brian,

    Thanks for taking the time for doing the blog.
    Joe, I was listening to quite a few of the Blue Rocks games via the internet. I remember listening to that game when you broke that finger. I was hoping that you would get back before the season ended because you were having such a good season. Think that maybe if you had made it back that you and Cody could have provided enough offensive punch to get by Potomac, and maybe even the Pelicans. Must have been tough to sit the playoffs out.
    Anyway I was wondering if the Royals have any coaches down there? Also, I would be interested to know the Royals communicate with you guys about what they think you and Brian need to work on down there.
    Again thanks for blogging. Much appreciated.

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